20 Kilogram Loss

I told myself I would not be fat and forty and I have just spent the past decade fat well if I am completely honest the last 4 decades fat so I had resigned myself to the fact this was who I was. But at the beginning of 2017 I decided if I couldn’t be thin I needed to at least get fit which had also eluded me my entire life.

This is when SweetFit Personal Training entered my life I had heard about PTs but had envisioned young, super fit, never had a weight problem, career fitness gurus – but Jon was different he had a much more low-key approach never pushy or bombastic just explained what he did and how he got the best out of his clients so I took the leap of faith as I had nothing to lose. I thought to myself I’ll give it a go for a month or two see how it goes, never saw it as a long-term thing just something to get me started. I was so sure I was going to fail I would not let Jon take a before shot of me.

Well here I am 10 months later just turned 50 – 20kg lighter and the fittest and the healthiest I have ever been, addicted to training and nutritional food. I won’t say it has been easy there have been weeks where I have considered giving it away but Jon has continued to guide me through the tough times with his words of wisdom and encouragement I have seen past the darkness and got back on track. I have always been an emotional eater but now I am an emotional exerciser it is my release, my solitude and my reenergiser. Jon has reinforced everything I already knew but had never applied to myself.

As a nurse I have been facilitating a Diabetic Clinic every week for the past 10 (or more) years instructing my patients to live a healthy well-balanced lifestyle with regular exercise and nutritional dietary intake but had never taken my own advice.

Jon reminded me the importance of that well-balanced lifestyle it’s not just about the food and its not just about the exercise it is combining the two that gets results you cannot have one without the other if you are aiming for sustainability. As everyone says it is not a quick fix it is hard work, it is determination and it is goal orientated, if it is not the weight loss goal then it’s the fitness level goal or in my case both together that drives you on even on the hardest of days.

Now my patients come in and notice how much healthier I am and the first thing they ask is how did you do it my answer is always the same “I took my own advice” but now I add “but don’t try to do it alone there are people out there that can help with the process” and I am a firm believer Jon Sweet from SweetFit Personal Training is the glue that holds the process together.

Weight Loss Before and After


Starting weight, 2016 137.60 kg
Now 99 kgs

My name is Dave and I want to share how I became involved with Jon Sweet from SweetFit Personal Training.

I hadn’t always had a problem with my weight but as I got older and slowed down the kilos started to pile on. Deep down I knew that being obese impacted on my health but for many years, I would visit my GP for my annual check-up and I would be told that both my blood pressure and sugar levels were ok so I never felt the need to take my health seriously.

When I did try and lose weight, I looked for a quick fix. I tried all sorts of ways to lose weight including diet shakes, pills and prescription medications, but nothing seemed to work. I even convinced myself that walking for 10 minutes a day would help me lose weight. What I realise now is that I didn’t approach losing weight seriously or correctly. I wasn’t prepared to put in any effort and I ignored all the warning signs. I really was just kidding myself.

Living a long and healthy life doesn’t run in my family. My father had high blood pressure and eventually died from a cardiac arrest. My mother had Type 2 diabetes and passed away from Cancer and a year before starting with Jon, my brother who was similar build to me died of a heart attack aged only 50.

I think it’s fair to say that the odds were well and truly stacked against me and when I finally hit 140kg I knew I had to do something.

When I first walked into the gym I have to admit that I was pretty nervous and skeptical because I didn’t really believe that this would make any difference but when I met Jon he quickly put my mind at ease.

Jon asked me what I wanted to achieve, clearly outlined how his program ran and identified problems with my diet.

As I’ve lost weight I’ve not only regained my fitness but also my self-esteem and confidence. I used to be really self-conscious about the way I looked and how others perceived me but not anymore. I really have a new outlook on life.

Eight months on, after stating with Jon, I have lost nearly 30 kilos and I recently travelled overseas where was able to hike up volcanoes in a rainforest, snorkel amongst tropical fish and jog along beaches whilst watching the sunrise. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could achieve this. But I did. All this when only eight months back I could only achieve a mere 40 seconds on the stepper machine without stopping, completely exhausted.

Jon explains in detail how to use equipment correctly and what area of your body you are exercising. He keeps a track of your progress with weekly weigh-ins and offers no nonsense nutritional advice.

Jon hasn’t just helped me improve my fitness. He’s given me back my life.



Starting weight, 2016 141.6 kg
Now 109 kgs

My name is Brett and I have battled with my weight from my late teens.

It wasn’t until I got on the scales at Changes Gym that I realised how bad I had let it go. I made excuse after excuse why I couldn’t lose weight, from “I have no time” to “it’s hard to lose weight as you get older”. I used to look at those people who had lost massive numbers and think that was impossible.

I had tried all sorts of fad diets from diet shakes to the Atkins diet and although I would lose weight, the moment I stopped I would go back to the same weight plus put more back on.

I started my journey this time with the plan to change how I do things for life. I believe that I couldn’t have achieved anything without the help and guidance of a really good Personal Trainer.

I started at nearly 142kgs and as I write this, I’m now just under 110kgs all in about 6 months. I have set goals along the way with Jon and my most recent goal was to be under 110kg for my last birthday, which I achieved.

What I have come to understand is that there are no quick fixes to weight loss, just a whole lot of blood sweat and tears (and leg sessions). I thank my Personal Trainer for his guidance in training and diet. Jon Sweet from SweetFit was the perfect fit me. My advice, find a professional Personal Trainer that is the best fit for you because these people can save your life. Mine did.



Starting weight, 2016 116 kg
Now 92 kgs

My name is Dan and I felt like I was watching my life slip away from me.

During a period of drawn out redundancies at work, insecurities I had around where I should be in life came to the surface. It had brought to my attention how much time and energy I spent obsessing over my job. The thought that I could be losing a job that I used to solely define me, made me realize how little I gave to building my relationships, health, interests and other goals.

At work, we would bring in junk food or get take out for lunch when one of us were having a bad day. The bad days turned into bad weeks, which in turn became months. I felt so reliant on energy drinks to make me productive in the mornings and after lunch. I looked forward to the food and it distracted me. But it left me in poor health and I was grumpy everyday. I looked in the mirror and realized I was 116kgs. I was unhappy and embarrassed to participate in my own life.

I knew I needed to pick one problem to start off with and fix it. The 12-week weight loss challenge at the Changes gym was the best fit for me as it was at a gym I’d visited since I was a little kid and I found it comforting having familiar surroundings. It was an incredibly stressful and frustrating first 7 weeks where I had to give up sugar, limit the food I ate, learn to deal with people seeing ‘fat me’ workout, and give up the time I used to spend watching TV and relaxing. All the while seeing very little change to my body, despite the scale numbers decreasing. Week 6, I just wanted to quit. What could possibly be worth this much torture and struggle?

By week 8 my body starting reacting to the lifestyle changes. I started fitting into my old clothes. I kept getting compliments from people and my sense of achievement in weight loss started to outweigh my embarrassment of getting to 116kgs. More importantly, I was returning to the cheerful and optimistic self I used to be. Finally, adapting to the weekly routine of exercise and with the sugar withdrawals over, my life and goals felt much easier to tackle. Now at 82kgs and 34 kilograms lighter, I realized that I could get this, or anything else done if I was prepared to roll up my sleeves and commit to it.

Failing in the past to maintain weight loss on diet alone, I chose Jon from SweetFit Personal Training as my Personal Trainer. My plan was simple. Start training with Jon to pack on muscle to my now thin and 34kg lighter frame and to help set me up to maintain my health long term and improve it further. I knew Jon was the choice for me because he scared the hell out of me right from day one, and if anyone was to hold me accountable, it would be him. I learnt quickly that I had better luck leg pressing 300kg than I did trying to convince Jon I couldn’t succeed at the challenges he threw at me. With regular weekly PT sessions with Jon and his guidance over my diet and nutritional advice, I’ve been able to maintain my low body fat while gaining 10kgs of muscle. 6 months in and I’m weighing in at 92kgs.

Having a muscular physique has seemed so far out of reach. I’d never dreamed of having one. In 6 months I’ve seen my body transform with muscle definition and with Jons weight training program, I’m constantly excited at the thought of how I’ll look in another 6 months. I have the confidence to enjoy and participate in all aspects of my life.

Fitness was my very first step.